Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Mod2Col Struct Reference

Detailed Description

structure representing a column in the mod 2 system

Definition at line 155 of file sepa_zerohalf.c.

Data Fields

SCIP_Real solval
int pos
int index

Field Documentation

◆ nonzrows

◆ solval

SCIP_Real Mod2Col::solval

◆ pos

int Mod2Col::pos

position of column in matrix

Definition at line 159 of file sepa_zerohalf.c.

Referenced by mod2MatrixAddCol(), and mod2matrixRemoveCol().

◆ index

int Mod2Col::index

index of SCIP column associated to this column

Definition at line 160 of file sepa_zerohalf.c.

Referenced by checkRow(), mod2MatrixAddCol(), mod2rowAddRow(), SCIP_DECL_HASHKEYVAL(), and SCIP_DECL_SORTPTRCOMP().