Solving Constraint Integer Programs

type_implics.h File Reference

Detailed Description

type definitions for implications, variable bounds, and cliques

Tobias Achterberg

Definition in file type_implics.h.

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typedef struct SCIP_VBounds SCIP_VBOUNDS
typedef struct SCIP_Implics SCIP_IMPLICS
typedef struct SCIP_Clique SCIP_CLIQUE
typedef struct SCIP_CliqueTable SCIP_CLIQUETABLE
typedef struct SCIP_CliqueList SCIP_CLIQUELIST

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct SCIP_VBounds SCIP_VBOUNDS

variable bounds of a variable x in the form x <= c*y or x >= c*y

Definition at line 39 of file type_implics.h.


typedef struct SCIP_Implics SCIP_IMPLICS

implications in the form x <= 0 or x >= 1 ==> y <= b or y >= b for x binary, NULL if x nonbinary

Definition at line 40 of file type_implics.h.


typedef struct SCIP_Clique SCIP_CLIQUE

single clique, stating that at most one of the binary variables can be fixed to the corresponding value

Definition at line 41 of file type_implics.h.


collection of cliques

Definition at line 43 of file type_implics.h.


list of cliques for a single variable

Definition at line 44 of file type_implics.h.