Solving Constraint Integer Programs

probdata_scflp.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Problem data for Stochastic Capacitated Facility Location problem.

Stephen J. Maher

This file handles the main problem data used in that project. For more details see The global problem data page.

Definition in file probdata_scflp.h.

#include "scip/scip.h"

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SCIP_RETCODE SCIPprobdataCreate (SCIP *scip, const char *probname, SCIP_Real **costs, SCIP_Real **demands, SCIP_Real *capacity, SCIP_Real *fixedcost, int ncustomers, int nfacilities, int nsubproblems, SCIP_Bool usebenders, SCIP_Bool quadcosts)
int SCIPprobdataGetNFacilities (SCIP_PROBDATA *probdata)
int SCIPprobdataGetNCustomers (SCIP_PROBDATA *probdata)
SCIP_VAR ** SCIPprobdataGetFacilityVars (SCIP_PROBDATA *probdata)

Function Documentation

◆ SCIPprobdataCreate()

SCIP_RETCODE SCIPprobdataCreate ( SCIP scip,
const char *  probname,
SCIP_Real **  costs,
SCIP_Real **  demands,
SCIP_Real capacity,
SCIP_Real fixedcost,
int  ncustomers,
int  nfacilities,
int  nscenarios,
SCIP_Bool  usebenders,
SCIP_Bool  quadcosts 

sets up the problem data

scipSCIP data structure
probnameproblem name
coststhe transportation costs from a facility to a customer
demandsthe customer demands
capacitythe capacity of each facility
fixedcostthe fixed cost of opening a facility
ncustomersthe number of customers
nfacilitiesthe number of facilities
nscenariosthe number of Benders' decomposition scenarios
usebenderswhether Benders' decomposition is used
quadcostsshould the problem be formulated with quadratic costs

Definition at line 798 of file probdata_scflp.c.

References createMasterproblem(), createOriginalproblem(), createSubproblems(), DEFAULT_SCALINGFACTOR, NULL, probdataCreate(), SCIP_CALL, SCIP_MAXSTRLEN, SCIP_OBJSENSE_MINIMIZE, SCIP_OKAY, SCIPallocBufferArray, SCIPcreate(), SCIPcreateBendersDefault(), SCIPcreateProbBasic(), SCIPfreeBufferArray, SCIPincludeDefaultPlugins(), SCIPinfoMessage(), SCIPsetBoolParam(), SCIPsetIntParam(), SCIPsetObjsense(), SCIPsetProbData(), SCIPsetProbDelorig(), SCIPsetProbDeltrans(), SCIPsetProbTrans(), SCIPsnprintf(), and TRUE.

◆ SCIPprobdataGetNFacilities()

int SCIPprobdataGetNFacilities ( SCIP_PROBDATA probdata)

returns the number of facilities

probdataproblem data

Definition at line 947 of file probdata_scflp.c.

References NULL.

◆ SCIPprobdataGetNCustomers()

int SCIPprobdataGetNCustomers ( SCIP_PROBDATA probdata)

returns the number of customers

probdataproblem data

Definition at line 957 of file probdata_scflp.c.

References NULL.

◆ SCIPprobdataGetFacilityVars()

SCIP_VAR** SCIPprobdataGetFacilityVars ( SCIP_PROBDATA probdata)

returns the facility variables

probdataproblem data

Definition at line 967 of file probdata_scflp.c.

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