Solving Constraint Integer Programs

stortest_paths Struct Reference

Detailed Description

information for shortest paths

Definition at line 47 of file shortestpath.h.

#include <shortestpath.h>

Data Fields

const CSRcsr
const CSRcsr_orgcosts
SCIP_Real *RESTRICT nodes_dist
int *RESTRICT nodes_pred
STP_Bool *RESTRICT nodes_isConnected
const SCIP_Real edgecost_zeroOffset

Field Documentation

◆ csr

◆ csr_orgcosts

const CSR* stortest_paths::csr_orgcosts

CSR with original edge costs NOTE: all pointers except for cost alias with csr

Definition at line 52 of file shortestpath.h.

Referenced by solstp_pruneFromTmHeur_csr().

◆ dheap

◆ nodes_dist

◆ nodes_pred

◆ nodes_isConnected

◆ edgecost_zeroOffset

const SCIP_Real stortest_paths::edgecost_zeroOffset

zero offset for edge costs (used instead of actual 0 value)

Definition at line 59 of file shortestpath.h.

Referenced by computeSteinerTree_execBiased().