Solving Constraint Integer Programs

special_distance_clique Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Stores data for computation of special distance/bottleneck distance clique computations

Definition at line 337 of file graphdefs.h.

#include <graphdefs.h>

Data Fields

int * cliquenodes
const int * cliqueToNodeMap
int centernode
int ncliquenodes

Field Documentation

◆ dijkdata

◆ sds

SCIP_Real* special_distance_clique::sds

array for SDs of clique

Definition at line 340 of file graphdefs.h.

Referenced by graph_sdComputeCliqueStar(), sdCliqueFreeData(), sdCliqueInitData(), and sdCliqueUpdateGraphWithStarWalks().

◆ cliquenodes

int* special_distance_clique::cliquenodes

◆ cliqueToNodeMap

const int* special_distance_clique::cliqueToNodeMap

makes clique nodes to original nodes; NON-OWNED!

Definition at line 342 of file graphdefs.h.

Referenced by sdCliqueInitData(), and sdCliqueUpdateGraphWithStarWalks().

◆ centernode

int special_distance_clique::centernode

center node or, if there is none, -1

Definition at line 343 of file graphdefs.h.

Referenced by sdCliqueInitData(), and sdCliqueStarComputeSds().

◆ ncliquenodes

int special_distance_clique::ncliquenodes