Solving Constraint Integer Programs

reduction_data Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Reduction data; just used internally. Stores information for SDs between tree vertices, reduced costs, and pseudo-ancestor conflicts.

Definition at line 138 of file extreducedefs.h.

#include <extreducedefs.h>

Public Member Functions

 STP_Vectype (int) *nodes_implications

Data Fields

DCMST *const dcmst
CSRDEPO *const msts_comp
CSRDEPO *const msts_levelbase
MLDISTS *const sds_horizontal
MLDISTS *const sds_vertical
MLDISTS *const sdsbias_horizontal
MLDISTS *const sdsbias_vertical
const STP_Bool *const edgedeleted
int *const pseudoancestor_mark
SCIP_Real *const redcost_treecosts
SCIP_Bool *const redcost_noReversedTree
SCIP_Real *const redcost_treenodeswaps
const int redcost_nlevels
const SCIP_Bool redcost_allowEquality
const SCIP_Bool sdsbias_use

Member Function Documentation

◆ STP_Vectype()

reduction_data::STP_Vectype ( int  )

Field Documentation

◆ contration

CONTRACT* reduction_data::contration

◆ dcmst

DCMST* const reduction_data::dcmst

Definition at line 141 of file extreducedefs.h.

Referenced by baseMstBuildNew(), mstCompAddLeaf(), mstLevelLeafTryExtMst(), and ruledOut().

◆ msts_comp

◆ msts_levelbase

◆ sds_horizontal

◆ sds_vertical

◆ sdsbias_horizontal

◆ sdsbias_vertical

◆ edgedeleted

const STP_Bool* const reduction_data::edgedeleted

◆ pseudoancestor_mark

◆ redcost_treecosts

◆ redcost_noReversedTree

SCIP_Bool* const reduction_data::redcost_noReversedTree

Definition at line 152 of file extreducedefs.h.

Referenced by extreduce_redcostAddEdge(), and extreduce_redcostInitExpansion().

◆ redcost_treenodeswaps

◆ redcost_nlevels

◆ redcost_allowEquality

const SCIP_Bool reduction_data::redcost_allowEquality

Definition at line 155 of file extreducedefs.h.

Referenced by extTreeRedcostCutoff().

◆ sdsbias_use

const SCIP_Bool reduction_data::sdsbias_use

Definition at line 156 of file extreducedefs.h.

Referenced by extReddataHasBiasedSds().