Solving Constraint Integer Programs

SCIP_ProofSet Struct Reference

Detailed Description

set of conflicting bound changes

Definition at line 81 of file struct_conflict.h.

#include <struct_conflict.h>

Data Fields

int * inds
SCIP_Real rhs
int nnz
int size
int validdepth
SCIP_CONFTYPE conflicttype

Field Documentation

◆ vals

◆ inds

◆ rhs

◆ nnz

◆ size

int SCIP_ProofSet::size

Definition at line 87 of file struct_conflict.h.

Referenced by proofsetAddSparseData().

◆ validdepth

int SCIP_ProofSet::validdepth

◆ conflicttype

SCIP_CONFTYPE SCIP_ProofSet::conflicttype

conflict type: unknown, infeasible LP, bound exceeding LP

Definition at line 89 of file struct_conflict.h.

Referenced by conflictFlushProofset(), proofsetClear(), proofsetGetConftype(), separateAlternativeProofs(), and tightenDualproof().