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tclique_coloring.h File Reference

Detailed Description

coloring part of algorithm for maximum cliques

Tobias Achterberg
Ralf Borndoerfer
Zoltan Kormos
Kati Wolter

Definition in file tclique_coloring.h.

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typedef struct _ITV ITV
typedef struct _LIST_ITV LIST_ITV
typedef struct _NBC NBC


TCLIQUE_WEIGHT tcliqueColoring (TCLIQUE_GETNNODES((*getnnodes)), TCLIQUE_GETWEIGHTS((*getweights)), TCLIQUE_SELECTADJNODES((*selectadjnodes)), TCLIQUE_GRAPH *tcliquegraph, BMS_CHKMEM *mem, int *buffer, int *V, int nV, NBC *gsd, TCLIQUE_Bool *iscolored, TCLIQUE_WEIGHT *apbound, int *clique, int *nclique, TCLIQUE_WEIGHT *weightclique)

Typedef Documentation


typedef struct _ITV ITV


typedef struct _LIST_ITV LIST_ITV


typedef struct _NBC NBC

Function Documentation

◆ tcliqueColoring()

TCLIQUE_WEIGHT tcliqueColoring ( TCLIQUE_GETNNODES((*getnnodes))  ,
TCLIQUE_GETWEIGHTS((*getweights))  ,
TCLIQUE_SELECTADJNODES((*selectadjnodes))  ,
TCLIQUE_GRAPH tcliquegraph,
int *  buffer,
int *  V,
int  nV,
NBC gsd,
TCLIQUE_Bool iscolored,
int *  clique,
int *  nclique,
TCLIQUE_WEIGHT weightclique 

colors the positive weighted nodes of a given set of nodes V with the lowest possible number of colors and finds a clique in the graph induced by V, an upper bound and an apriori bound for further branching steps

tcliquegraphpointer to graph data structure
memblock memory
bufferbuffer of size nnodes
Vnon-zero weighted nodes for branching
nVnumber of non-zero weighted nodes for branching
gsdneighbor color information of all nodes
iscoloredcoloring status of all nodes
apboundpointer to store apriori bound of nodes for branching
cliquebuffer for storing the clique
ncliquepointer to store number of nodes in the clique
weightcliquepointer to store the weight of the clique

Definition at line 221 of file tclique_coloring.c.

References ALLOC_ABORT, BMSallocChunkMemory, BMSallocMemoryArray, BMSclearChunkMemory, BMSclearMemoryArray, BMScopyMemoryArray, BMSfreeChunkMemory, BMSfreeMemoryArray, debugMessage, debugPrintf, FALSE, getMaxSatdegIndex(), getMaxWeightIndex(), NULL, TCLIQUE_Bool, TRUE, and updateNeighbor().

Referenced by boundSubgraph().