Solving Constraint Integer Programs

SCIP_Digraph Struct Reference

Detailed Description

digraph structure to store and handle graphs

Definition at line 210 of file struct_misc.h.

#include <struct_misc.h>

Data Fields

int ** successors
void *** arcdata
void ** nodedata
int * successorssize
int * nsuccessors
int * components
int * componentstarts
int * articulations
int ncomponents
int componentstartsize
int nnodes
int narticulations
SCIP_Bool articulationscheck

Field Documentation

◆ blkmem

◆ successors

◆ arcdata

void*** SCIP_Digraph::arcdata

arc data corresponding to the arcs to successors given by the successors array

Definition at line 214 of file struct_misc.h.

Referenced by ensureSuccessorsSize(), SCIPdigraphAddArc(), SCIPdigraphAddArcSafe(), SCIPdigraphCopy(), SCIPdigraphFree(), SCIPdigraphGetSuccessorsData(), SCIPdigraphResize(), and SCIPdigraphSetSizes().

◆ nodedata

void** SCIP_Digraph::nodedata

data for each node of graph

Definition at line 215 of file struct_misc.h.

Referenced by SCIPdigraphCopy(), SCIPdigraphFree(), SCIPdigraphGetNodeData(), SCIPdigraphResize(), and SCIPdigraphSetNodeData().

◆ successorssize

int* SCIP_Digraph::successorssize

◆ nsuccessors

◆ components

int* SCIP_Digraph::components

◆ componentstarts

int* SCIP_Digraph::componentstarts

◆ articulations

int* SCIP_Digraph::articulations

array of size narticulations to store the node indices of the articulation points

Definition at line 220 of file struct_misc.h.

Referenced by SCIPdigraphCopy(), SCIPdigraphFree(), and SCIPdigraphGetArticulationPoints().

◆ ncomponents

◆ componentstartsize

int SCIP_Digraph::componentstartsize

size of array componentstarts

Definition at line 222 of file struct_misc.h.

Referenced by SCIPdigraphComputeUndirectedComponents(), SCIPdigraphFree(), SCIPdigraphFreeComponents(), and SCIPdigraphGetNComponents().

◆ nnodes

◆ narticulations

int SCIP_Digraph::narticulations

number of articulation points among the graph nodes

Definition at line 224 of file struct_misc.h.

Referenced by findArticulationPointsUtil(), SCIPdigraphCopy(), SCIPdigraphFree(), and SCIPdigraphGetArticulationPoints().

◆ articulationscheck

SCIP_Bool SCIP_Digraph::articulationscheck

TRUE if the (computed) articulation nodes are up-to-date and FALSE otherwise

Definition at line 225 of file struct_misc.h.

Referenced by SCIPdigraphAddArc(), SCIPdigraphAddArcSafe(), SCIPdigraphCopy(), SCIPdigraphFree(), and SCIPdigraphGetArticulationPoints().