Solving Constraint Integer Programs

tsp Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  ConshdlrSubtour
class  EventhdlrNewSol
class  Heur2opt
class  HeurFarthestInsert
class  HeurFrats
class  ProbDataTSP
class  ReaderTSP


SCIP_RETCODE SCIPcreateConsSubtour (SCIP *scip, SCIP_CONS **cons, const char *name, GRAPH *graph, SCIP_Bool initial, SCIP_Bool separate, SCIP_Bool enforce, SCIP_Bool check, SCIP_Bool propagate, SCIP_Bool local, SCIP_Bool modifiable, SCIP_Bool dynamic, SCIP_Bool removable)

Function Documentation

◆ SCIPcreateConsSubtour()

SCIP_RETCODE tsp::SCIPcreateConsSubtour ( SCIP scip,
SCIP_CONS **  cons,
const char *  name,
GRAPH graph,
SCIP_Bool  initial,
SCIP_Bool  separate,
SCIP_Bool  enforce,
SCIP_Bool  check,
SCIP_Bool  propagate,
SCIP_Bool  local,
SCIP_Bool  modifiable,
SCIP_Bool  dynamic,
SCIP_Bool  removable 

creates and captures a TSP subtour constraint

scipSCIP data structure
conspointer to hold the created constraint
namename of constraint
graphthe underlying graph
initialshould the LP relaxation of constraint be in the initial LP?
separateshould the constraint be separated during LP processing?
enforceshould the constraint be enforced during node processing?
checkshould the constraint be checked for feasibility?
propagateshould the constraint be propagated during node processing?
localis constraint only valid locally?
modifiableis constraint modifiable (subject to column generation)?
dynamicis constraint dynamic?
removableshould the constraint be removed from the LP due to aging or cleanup?

Definition at line 656 of file ConshdlrSubtour.cpp.

References capture_graph(), FALSE, NULL, SCIP_CALL, SCIP_OKAY, SCIP_PLUGINNOTFOUND, SCIPallocBlockMemory, SCIPcreateCons(), SCIPerrorMessage, and SCIPfindConshdlr().

Referenced by tsp::ConshdlrSubtour::SCIP_DECL_CONSHDLRISCLONEABLE(), and SCIP_DECL_READERREAD().