Solving Constraint Integer Programs

compute_symmetry.h File Reference

Detailed Description

interface for symmetry computations

Marc Pfetsch

Definition in file compute_symmetry.h.

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SCIP_EXPORT SCIP_Bool SYMcanComputeSymmetry (void)
SCIP_EXPORT const char * SYMsymmetryGetName (void)
SCIP_EXPORT const char * SYMsymmetryGetDesc (void)
SCIP_EXPORT SCIP_RETCODE SYMcomputeSymmetryGenerators (SCIP *scip, int maxgenerators, SYM_MATRIXDATA *matrixdata, int *nperms, int *nmaxperms, int ***perms, SCIP_Real *log10groupsize)

Function Documentation

◆ SYMcanComputeSymmetry()

SCIP_EXPORT SCIP_Bool SYMcanComputeSymmetry ( void  )

return whether symmetry can be computed

Definition at line 271 of file compute_symmetry_bliss.cpp.

References FALSE, and TRUE.

Referenced by computeSymmetryGroup(), determineSymmetry(), and SCIPincludePresolSymmetry().

◆ SYMsymmetryGetName()

SCIP_EXPORT const char* SYMsymmetryGetName ( void  )

return name of external program used to compute generators

Definition at line 280 of file compute_symmetry_bliss.cpp.

References blissname.

Referenced by SCIPincludePresolSymmetry().

◆ SYMsymmetryGetDesc()

SCIP_EXPORT const char* SYMsymmetryGetDesc ( void  )

return description of external program used to compute generators

Definition at line 291 of file compute_symmetry_bliss.cpp.

Referenced by SCIPincludePresolSymmetry().

◆ SYMcomputeSymmetryGenerators()

SCIP_EXPORT SCIP_RETCODE SYMcomputeSymmetryGenerators ( SCIP scip,
int  maxgenerators,
SYM_MATRIXDATA matrixdata,
int *  nperms,
int *  nmaxperms,
int ***  perms,
SCIP_Real log10groupsize 

compute generators of symmetry group

scipSCIP pointer
maxgeneratorsmaximal number of generators constructed (= 0 if unlimited)
matrixdatadata for MIP matrix
npermspointer to store number of permutations
nmaxpermspointer to store maximal number of permutations (needed for freeing storage)
permspointer to store permutation generators as (nperms x npermvars) matrix
log10groupsizepointer to store size of group

Definition at line 297 of file compute_symmetry_bliss.cpp.

References blisshook(), FALSE, fillGraphByColoredCoefficients(), BLISS_Data::maxgenerators, BLISS_Data::nmaxperms, nnodes, BLISS_Data::nperms, BLISS_Data::npermvars, SYM_Matrixdata::npermvars, NULL, BLISS_Data::perms, BLISS_Data::scip, SCIP_Bool, SCIP_CALL, SCIP_OKAY, SCIP_Real, SCIP_VERBLEVEL_MINIMAL, SCIPallocBlockMemoryArray, SCIPdebugMsg, and SCIPverbMessage().

Referenced by computeSymmetryGroup().