Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Vnoi_List_Node Struct Reference

Detailed Description

voronoi list node structure storing distance, incoming edge,base and pointer to next list node

Definition at line 49 of file misc_stp.h.

#include <misc_stp.h>

Data Fields

double dist
signed int edge
signed int base
struct Vnoi_List_Nodenext

Field Documentation

◆ dist

double Vnoi_List_Node::dist

Distance to the end of the path

Definition at line 51 of file misc_stp.h.

◆ edge

signed int Vnoi_List_Node::edge

First edge to go

Definition at line 52 of file misc_stp.h.

◆ base

signed int Vnoi_List_Node::base

Voronoi base

Definition at line 53 of file misc_stp.h.

◆ next

struct Vnoi_List_Node* Vnoi_List_Node::next

Definition at line 54 of file misc_stp.h.