Solving Constraint Integer Programs

SCIP_NlRow Struct Reference

Detailed Description

NLP row

Definition at line 63 of file struct_nlp.h.

#include <struct_nlp.h>

Data Fields

SCIP_Real lhs
SCIP_Real rhs
SCIP_Real constant
int nlinvars
int linvarssize
SCIP_VAR ** linvars
double * lincoefs
SCIP_Bool linvarssorted
int nquadvars
int quadvarssize
SCIP_VAR ** quadvars
int nquadelems
int quadelemssize
SCIP_Bool quadelemssorted
char * name
int nuses
SCIP_Real activity
SCIP_Longint validactivitynlp
SCIP_Real pseudoactivity
SCIP_Longint validpsactivitydomchg
SCIP_Real minactivity
SCIP_Real maxactivity
SCIP_Longint validactivitybdsdomchg
int nlpindex
int nlpiindex
SCIP_Real dualsol

Field Documentation

◆ lhs

◆ rhs

◆ constant

◆ nlinvars

◆ linvarssize

int SCIP_NlRow::linvarssize

size of arrays storing linear part of row

Definition at line 74 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by SCIPnlrowEnsureLinearSize().

◆ linvars

◆ lincoefs

◆ linvarssorted

SCIP_Bool SCIP_NlRow::linvarssorted

are the linear coefficients sorted (by variable indices?)

Definition at line 77 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by nlpDelVarPos(), nlrowAddLinearCoef(), nlrowDelLinearCoefPos(), nlrowMoveLinearCoef(), nlrowRemoveFixedLinearCoefPos(), nlrowSortLinear(), and SCIPnlrowCreateCopy().

◆ nquadvars

◆ quadvarssize

int SCIP_NlRow::quadvarssize

size of array storing quadratic variables of row

Definition at line 81 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by nlrowRemoveFixedQuadVars(), and SCIPnlrowEnsureQuadVarsSize().

◆ quadvars

◆ quadvarshash

SCIP_HASHMAP* SCIP_NlRow::quadvarshash

hash map from variable to indices in quadvars

Definition at line 83 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by nlrowRemoveFixedQuadVars(), nlrowSetupQuadVarsHash(), SCIPnlpGetVarsNonlinearity(), SCIPnlrowAddQuadVar(), and SCIPnlrowSearchQuadVar().

◆ nquadelems

◆ quadelemssize

int SCIP_NlRow::quadelemssize

size of quadratic elements array

Definition at line 85 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by nlrowRemoveFixedQuadVars(), and SCIPnlrowEnsureQuadElementsSize().

◆ quadelems

◆ quadelemssorted

SCIP_Bool SCIP_NlRow::quadelemssorted

are the quadratic elements sorted?

Definition at line 87 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by nlrowAddQuadElement(), nlrowDelQuadElemPos(), nlrowMoveQuadElement(), nlrowRemoveFixedQuadVars(), nlrowSortQuadElem(), and SCIPnlrowCreateCopy().

◆ exprtree

◆ name

◆ nuses

int SCIP_NlRow::nuses

number of times, this row is referenced

Definition at line 94 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by SCIPnlrowCapture().

◆ activity

SCIP_Real SCIP_NlRow::activity

◆ validactivitynlp

◆ pseudoactivity

SCIP_Real SCIP_NlRow::pseudoactivity

row activity value in pseudo solution, or SCIP_INVALID if not yet calculated

Definition at line 97 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by nlrowConstantChanged(), nlrowExprtreeChanged(), nlrowExprtreeParamChanged(), nlrowLinearCoefChanged(), nlrowQuadElemChanged(), SCIPnlrowCreateCopy(), SCIPnlrowGetPseudoActivity(), and SCIPnlrowRecalcPseudoActivity().

◆ validpsactivitydomchg

SCIP_Longint SCIP_NlRow::validpsactivitydomchg

◆ minactivity

SCIP_Real SCIP_NlRow::minactivity

◆ maxactivity

SCIP_Real SCIP_NlRow::maxactivity

◆ validactivitybdsdomchg

SCIP_Longint SCIP_NlRow::validactivitybdsdomchg

◆ nlpindex

◆ nlpiindex

◆ dualsol

SCIP_Real SCIP_NlRow::dualsol

dual value associated with row in last NLP solve

Definition at line 104 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by nlpSolve(), and SCIPnlrowGetDualsol().

◆ curvature


curvature of the nonlinear row

Definition at line 105 of file struct_nlp.h.

Referenced by SCIPnlrowCreateCopy(), SCIPnlrowGetCurvature(), and SCIPnlrowSetCurvature().