Solving Constraint Integer Programs

SCIP_BanditVTable Struct Reference

Detailed Description

virtual function table for bandit selection algorithms

Definition at line 38 of file struct_bandit.h.

#include <struct_bandit.h>

Public Member Functions

 SCIP_DECL_BANDITFREE ((*banditfree))
 SCIP_DECL_BANDITSELECT ((*banditselect))
 SCIP_DECL_BANDITUPDATE ((*banditupdate))
 SCIP_DECL_BANDITRESET ((*banditreset))

Data Fields

const char * name

Member Function Documentation


SCIP_BanditVTable::SCIP_DECL_BANDITFREE ( banditfree)

callback to free bandit specific data structures


SCIP_BanditVTable::SCIP_DECL_BANDITSELECT ( banditselect)

selection callback for bandit selector


SCIP_BanditVTable::SCIP_DECL_BANDITUPDATE ( banditupdate)

update callback for bandit algorithms


SCIP_BanditVTable::SCIP_DECL_BANDITRESET ( banditreset)

update callback for bandit algorithms

Field Documentation

◆ name

const char* SCIP_BanditVTable::name

name of the represented bandit algorithm

Definition at line 40 of file struct_bandit.h.

Referenced by SCIPbanditvtableGetName().