Solving Constraint Integer Programs

SCIP_AggrRow Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Definition at line 31 of file struct_cuts.h.

#include <struct_cuts.h>

Public Member Functions


Data Fields

int * inds
int * rowsinds
int * slacksign
int nnz
int nrows
int rowssize
int rank
SCIP_Bool local

Member Function Documentation


SCIP_AggrRow::QUAD_MEMBER ( SCIP_Real  rhs)

right hand side of the cut row

Field Documentation

◆ vals

◆ inds

◆ rowsinds

int* SCIP_AggrRow::rowsinds

◆ slacksign

int* SCIP_AggrRow::slacksign

slacksign of rows that have been added to the cutrow

Definition at line 36 of file struct_cuts.h.

Referenced by addOneRow(), generateLiftedFlowCoverCut(), SCIPaggrRowAddRow(), SCIPaggrRowCopy(), SCIPcalcMIR(), SCIPcalcStrongCG(), and SCIPcutGenerationHeuristicCMIR().

◆ rowweights

SCIP_Real* SCIP_AggrRow::rowweights

◆ nnz

◆ nrows

◆ rowssize

int SCIP_AggrRow::rowssize

size of the row and slacksign array

Definition at line 41 of file struct_cuts.h.

Referenced by addOneRow(), and SCIPaggrRowAddRow().

◆ rank

◆ local