Solving Constraint Integer Programs

heur_indicatordiving.h File Reference

Detailed Description

LP diving heuristic that fixes indicator variables controlling semicontinuous variables.

Katrin Halbig
Alexander Hoen

A diving heuristic iteratively rounds some fractional variables or variables determined by constraint handlers, and resolves the LP relaxation. Thereby simulating a depth-first-search in the tree.

Indicatordiving focuses on indicator variables, which control semicontinuous variables. If the semicontinuous variable is unbounded, the indicator constraint is not part of the LP and, therefore, the indicator variable is not set to an useful value in the LP solution.

For these indicator variables the score depends on the LP value and the bounds of the corresponding semicontinuous variable. If parameter usevarbounds=TRUE, also varbound constraints modeling semicontinuous variables are considered. For all other variables the Farkas score (scaled) is returned.

Definition in file heur_indicatordiving.h.

#include "scip/def.h"
#include "scip/type_retcode.h"
#include "scip/type_scip.h"

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SCIP_RETCODE SCIPincludeHeurIndicatordiving (SCIP *scip)