Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Detailed Description

implementation files (.c files) of the default propagators of SCIP


file  prop_dualfix.c
 fixing roundable variables to best bound
file  prop_genvbounds.c
 generalized variable bounds propagator
file  prop_nlobbt.c
 nlobbt propagator
file  prop_obbt.c
 optimization-based bound tightening propagator
file  prop_probing.c
 probing propagator
file  prop_pseudoobj.c
 Pseudo objective propagator.
file  prop_redcost.c
 propagator using the LP reduced cost and the cutoff bound
file  prop_rootredcost.c
 reduced cost strengthening using root node reduced costs and the cutoff bound
file  prop_symmetry.c
 propagator for handling symmetries
file  prop_sync.c
 propagator for applying global bound changes that were communicated by other concurrent solvers
file  prop_vbounds.c
 variable upper and lower bound propagator