Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Methods for managing plugins

Detailed Description

Methods for the inclusion and management of SCIP plugins and callback functions.


 Benders' decomposition
 methods for Benders' decomposition plugins
 Benders' decomposition cuts
 methods for Benders' decomposition cuts plugins
 Branching Rules
 methods for branching rule plugins
 Tree Compression
 public methods for tree compressions
 Conflict Analysis
 public methods for conflict handlers
 Constraint handlers
 methods for constraint handlers
 Cut Selector
 methods for cut selectors
 public methods for user interface dialogs
 methods for the inclusion and access of display plugins
 Event Handler
 methods for event handlers
 Expression Handler
 methods for expression handlers
 Primal Heuristics
 methods for primal heuristic plugins
 Node Selector
 methods for node selector plugin management
 Nonlinear Handlers
 methods for the management of nonlinear handlers
 methods for presolver plugins
 methods to include and access pricer plugins of SCIP
 methods for propagator plugins
 methods for the inclusion and access to reader plugins of SCIP
 Relaxation Handlers
 public methods for relaxation handlers
 methods for separator plugins
 methods for the inclusion and access of statistics tables
 Concurrent Solver Types
 methods for concurrent solver type plugins
 NLP solver interfaces
 methods for the management of NLP solver interfaces
 External Codes
 methods to access information about external codes used by SCIP