Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Data Structures

Detailed Description

commonly used data structures

Below you find a list of available data structures


 Disjoint Set (Union Find)
 weighted disjoint set (union find) data structure with path compression
 Dynamic Arrays
 methods for the creation and access of dynamic arrays
 Directed Graph
 graph structure with common algorithms for directed and undirected graphs
 Decomposition data structure
 methods for creating and accessing user decompositions
 NLPI Oracle
 NLP representation used by various NLP solver interface implementations.
 an algebraic expression used for nonlinear constraints and NLPs
 Sparse Solution
 sparse storage for multiple integer solutions
 circular FIFO queue
 Priority Queue
 priority queue with O(1) access to the minimum element
 Hash Table
 hash table that resolves conflicts by probing
 Multi Hash table
 hash table that resolves conflicts by queueing, thereby allowing for duplicate entries
 Hash Map
 hash map to store key-value pairs (called origin and image)
 Hash Set
 very lightweight hash set of pointers
 Resource Activity
 ressource activity data structure
 Resource Profile
 ressource profile data structure
 Binary Search Tree
 binary search tree data structure
 Linear Inequality
 a linear inequality that is prepared to become a SCIP_ROW