Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Installing SCIP

There are two options to get a running SCIP on your system. You can either use one of the installers or you can compile it yourself.

Which one you choose depends on your use case and your level of expertise. If you just want to use SCIP as a black box solver you should use an installer with a precompiled binary from the download section. This is highly recommended for new users. If you are just curious and want to try it out you can use the dockerized SCIP container.

However, if you want to develop your own plugin for SCIP, you have to compile SCIP or the SCIPOptSuite from source code, which are available as a tarball from the download page. Note that you might need some level of experience to be able to do this, this is described in the following.

SCIP lets you choose freely between its own, manually maintained Makefile system or the CMake cross platform build system generator. For new users, we strongly recommend to use CMake, if available on their targeted platform.

Be aware that generated libraries and binaries of both systems might be different and incompatible.