Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Example projects

SCIP contains several examples that demonstrate its usage. They are contained in the "examples" directory in the source code distribution.

Callable library
Callable Library Example An example showing how to setup constraints (esp. nonlinear ones) when using SCIP as callable library.
MIP solver A minimal implementation for using SCIP included into another source code
The n-Queens Problem Using SCIP's callable library for solving the n-queens problem.
Extending SCIP by custom plugins
Event handler A small example illustrating the use of an event handler.
Gomory mixed integer cut example An example about Gomory mixed-integer cuts.
Relaxator example An example about using custom relaxators.
Sudoku example An example solving sudokus.
Linear Ordering An example for implementing a constraint handler.
The TSP example A short implementations of a constraint handler, two easy combinatorial heuristics, a file reader, etc. which demonstrate the usage of SCIP as a branch-and-cut-framework for solving traveling salesman problem instances.
Binpacking An implementation of the column generation approach for the binpacking problem. It includes a customized reader, Ryan/Foster branching rule, (global) problem data, variable data, and constraint handler.
Vehicle Routing A solver for a simple capacity-constrained vehicle routing problem, which is based on pricing tours via a dynamic programming algorithm.
Benders' decomposition
Stochastic capacitated facility location problem A stochastic programming problem that demonstrates the use of the Benders' decomposition framework within SCIP.