Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Other implementation files of SCIP

Detailed Description

other implementation files of SCIP

Relevant core and other functionality of SCIP.


file  main.c
 main file for C compilation
file  bandit.c
 internal API of bandit algorithms and bandit virtual function tables
file  bandit_epsgreedy.c
 implementation of epsilon greedy bandit algorithm
file  bandit_exp3.c
 methods for Exp.3 bandit selection
file  bandit_ucb.c
 methods for UCB bandit selection
file  benders.c
 methods for Benders' decomposition
file  benders_default.c
 default Benders' decomposition plugin
file  benderscut.c
 methods for Benders' decomposition cut
file  benderscut_feas.c
 Standard feasibility cuts for Benders' decomposition.
file  benderscut_int.c
 Generates a Laporte and Louveaux Benders' decomposition integer cut.
file  benderscut_nogood.c
 Generates a no good cut for integer solutions that are infeasible for the subproblems.
file  benderscut_opt.c
 Generates a standard Benders' decomposition optimality cut.
file  bendersdefcuts.c
 default cuts for Benders' decomposition
file  bitencode.c
 packing single and dual bit values
file  branch.c
 methods for branching rules and branching candidate storage
file  clock.c
 methods for clocks and timing issues
file  compr.c
 methods for tree compressions
file  compr_largestrepr.c
 largestrepr tree compression
file  compr_weakcompr.c
 weakcompr tree compression
file  concsolver.c
 methods for concurrent solvers
file  conflict.c
 methods and datastructures for conflict analysis
file  conflictstore.c
 methods for storing conflicts
file  cons.c
 methods for constraints and constraint handlers
file  cutpool.c
 methods for storing cuts in a cut pool
file  cuts.c
 methods for aggregation of rows
file  dcmp.c
 internal methods for decompositions and the decomposition store
file  debug.c
 methods for debugging
file  dialog.c
 methods for user interface dialog
file  dialog_default.c
 default user interface dialog
file  disp.c
 methods and datastructures for displaying runtime statistics
file  event.c
 methods and datastructures for managing events
file  fileio.c
 wrapper functions to map file i/o to standard or zlib file i/o
file  heur.c
 methods for primal heuristics
file  heuristics.c
 methods commonly used by primal heuristics
file  history.c
 methods for branching and inference history
file  implics.c
 methods for implications, variable bounds, and clique tables
file  interrupt.c
 methods and datastructures for catching the user CTRL-C interrupt
file  intervalarith.c
 interval arithmetics for provable bounds
file  lp.c
 LP management methods and data structures.
file  matrix.c
 methods for MIP matrix data structure
file  mem.c
 block memory pools and memory buffers
file  message.c
 message output methods
file  misc.c
 miscellaneous methods
file  misc_linear.c
 miscellaneous methods for linear constraints
file  nlp.c
 NLP management methods and datastructures.
file  nodesel.c
 methods for node selectors
file  paramset.c
 methods for handling parameter settings
file  presol.c
 methods for presolvers
file  presolve.c
 methods for presolving
file  pricer.c
 methods for variable pricers
file  pricestore.c
 methods for storing priced variables
file  primal.c
 methods for collecting primal CIP solutions and primal informations
file  prob.c
 Methods and datastructures for storing and manipulating the main problem.
file  prop.c
 methods and datastructures for propagators
file  rbtree.c
 intrusive red black tree datastructure
file  reader.c
 interface for input file readers
file  relax.c
 methods and datastructures for relaxation handlers
file  reopt.c
 data structures and methods for collecting reoptimization information
file  retcode.c
 methods for return codes for SCIP methods
file  scip_bandit.c
 public functions for bandit algorithms
file  scip_benders.c
 public methods for Benders decomposition
file  scip_branch.c
 public methods for branching rule plugins and branching
file  scip_compr.c
 public methods for compression plugins
file  scip_concurrent.c
 public methods for concurrent solving mode
file  scip_conflict.c
 public methods for conflict handler plugins and conflict analysis
file  scip_cons.c
 public methods for constraint handler plugins and constraints
file  scip_copy.c
 public methods for problem copies
file  scip_cut.c
 public methods for cuts and aggregation rows
file  scip_datastructures.c
 public methods for data structures
file  scip_dcmp.c
 methods for working with decompositions
file  scip_debug.c
 public methods for debugging
file  scip_dialog.c
 public methods for dialog handler plugins
file  scip_disp.c
 public methods for display handler plugins
file  scip_event.c
 public methods for event handler plugins and event handlers
file  scip_expr.c
 public methods for expression handlers
file  scip_general.c
 general public methods
file  scip_heur.c
 public methods for primal heuristic plugins and divesets
file  scip_lp.c
 public methods for the LP relaxation, rows and columns
file  scip_mem.c
 public methods for memory management
file  scip_message.c
 public methods for message handling
file  scip_nlp.c
 public methods for nonlinear relaxations
file  scip_nodesel.c
 public methods for node selector plugins
file  scip_nonlinear.c
 public methods for nonlinear functions
file  scip_numerics.c
 public methods for numerical tolerances
file  scip_param.c
 public methods for SCIP parameter handling
file  scip_presol.c
 public methods for presolving plugins
file  scip_pricer.c
 public methods for variable pricer plugins
file  scip_prob.c
 public methods for global and local (sub)problems
file  scip_probing.c
 public methods for the probing mode
file  scip_prop.c
 public methods for propagator plugins
file  scip_randnumgen.c
 public methods for random numbers
file  scip_reader.c
 public methods for reader plugins
file  scip_relax.c
 public methods for relaxator plugins
file  scip_reopt.c
 public methods for reoptimization
file  scip_sepa.c
 public methods for separator plugins
file  scip_sol.c
 public methods for solutions
file  scip_solve.c
 public solving methods
file  scip_solvingstats.c
 public methods for querying solving statistics
file  scip_table.c
 public methods for statistics table plugins
file  scip_timing.c
 public methods for timing
file  scip_tree.c
 public methods for the branch-and-bound tree
file  scip_validation.c
 public methods for validation
file  scip_var.c
 public methods for SCIP variables
file  scipbuildflags.c
 build flags methods
file  scipcoreplugins.c
 register additional core functionality designed as plugins
file  scipdefplugins.c
 default SCIP plugins
file  scipgithash.c
 git hash methods
file  scipshell.c
 SCIP command line interface.
file  sepa.c
 methods and datastructures for separators
file  sepastore.c
 methods for storing separated cuts
file  set.c
 methods for global SCIP settings
file  sol.c
 methods for storing primal CIP solutions
file  solve.c
 main solving loop and node processing
file  sorttpl.c
 template functions for sorting
file  stat.c
 methods for problem statistics
file  symmetry.c
 methods for handling symmetries
file  table.c
 methods and datastructures for displaying statistics tables
file  tree.c
 methods for branch and bound tree
file  var.c
 methods for problem variables
file  visual.c
 methods for creating output for visualization tools (VBC, BAK)
file  expr.c
 methods for expressions, expression trees, expression graphs, and related
file  nlpi.c
 methods for handling nlp interface
file  nlpi_ipopt_dummy.c
 dummy Ipopt NLP interface for the case that Ipopt is not available
file  nlpioracle.c
 implementation of NLPI oracle interface
file  lpi_qso.c
 LP interface for QSopt version >= 070303.
file  tclique_branch.c
 branch and bound part of algorithm for maximum cliques
file  tclique_coloring.c
 coloring part of algorithm for maximum cliques
file  tclique_graph.c
 graph data part of algorithm for maximum cliques
file  dijkstra.c
 C implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm.
file  xmldef.h
 definitions for XML parsing
file  memory.c
 memory allocation routines